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Workout Ideas For You And Your Partner

When it comes to fitness, the magic number is two that is you and your partner. People tend to workout harder and longer when they have company. When you exercise with your partner it’s easy to focus on your workout goals together.

Benefits of working out as a couple

Quality time

Most couples spend most of their day apart to conflicting responsibility. Planning out a workout session that fit bot schedules will help you reach your fitness goals without compromising your relationship needs.


Men tend to favor strength training while women tend to enjoy cardio exercises. Working out together as a couple ensures your fitness routine is balanced by including several workout routines. So keep you mind open and enjoy new fitness experiences.

Deeper bond

Your brain produces chemicals during exercise, this chemicals evoke feelings of happiness and reduces stress. Reportedly, men and women who exercise regularly make great partners.

Shared interest

Working out together lengthens your list of shared interests and hobbies. The possibilities of new and unique fitness activities you can take on as a couple are endless. You can never have too much common interest as a couple.

Here are some of the ways couples can stay in shape together


Explore the great outdoors

Embrace a more active lifestyle by picking new hobbies. Walking or jogging alone can be frightfully boring. This can be a great way for you and your partner to unwind after a long day while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Create a playlist that you both enjoy to keep you motivated. Plan at least one weekend getaway every month and try out new adventurous activities like rock climbing, rappelling and hiking.

Sing up for a workout class together

The easiest answer that comes to mind is dance. Workout and learn something new by enrolling for jive, Zumba or Salsa class. Dance classes are perfect for couples. 5k training, indoor climbing, martial arts and partner yoga are some of the new interest that you and your partner can try out to zap the extra calories while bring back the pizzazz in the relationship.

Hit up the gym for strength training

One of the few hottest sightings in the gym is a woman lifting weights, and if she is your woman you one lucky guy. It’s not too late for a chance to be that guy. Working out at the gym is sure to give an added boost that you and your partner require to stick to your fitness routine. Switch places with your partner between sets when strength training. It’s important to take a minimum of 90 seconds rest in between sets. 

Do cardio

Cardio exercises indoor cycling are great because they allow both you and your partner to work within your individual intensity. Spin classes caters for each participant’s fitness level- easy or challenging, this means you and you partner will get the work out you individually want. If you are doing cardio at the gym pick two cardio machines that are next to each other. Doing cardio side by side ensure you will be together but still working on individual fitness goals. Set the cardio machine to your own intensity, speed and resistance level.

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