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Forget ‘The Biggest Loser’ Check Out These Fitness Reality Shows

By the year 2030 an estimated 42% of people living in America will be considered obese. This means additional health risks that come along with obesity. Over the recent years there has been emphasis on fitness program. Today there are various reality shows testing fitness levels between contestants. Unlike The Biggest Loser these fitness reality shows test endurance, flexibility and strength through insane obstacle courses, challenges and workouts. Here are some of the of the hardcore reality challenges on TV.

American Ninja Warrior airs on Esquire Network and ranks as the show with the craziest obstacles. There are no conditioning coaches working with the contestants, required workout tasks or strength involved. However successful contestants require mobility and strength to successfully get through the obstacle course. The obstacle challenges include swinging across monkey bars fitted on top of a pit, rope climbing and running across several moving blocks.

American Grit


American Grit airs on Fox and it’s hosted by John Cena the WWE superstar. The show pits a team of contestants against another team in military training sort of inspired challenges. Some of the grueling challenges involves contestants submerging in ice cold water, building a shelter, running through the forest. The contestants are coached by four elite military unit; a Purple Heart recipient, a Navy Seal even a sniper who has done a tour to Iraq.

Spartan: Ultimate team challenge


This fitness show airs on NBC, most fitness enthusiast have done a Spartan race. This show kicks things up a notch with teams of 5 contestants taking on the most challenging Spartan course. There is a cash prize of $250,000 for the winning team. Helping each team to go over an inclined wall covered in slippery mud is an elite Spartan. The elite Spartan athlete ensures the contestants work together while pushing their limits. These challenges require lots of strength and endurance and it might be a little grueling to watch the contestants go through the challenges.

American Muscle


American Muscle airs on the Discovery channel. The show is set in Barwis Methods, a gym owned by Mike Barwis. Mike Barwis is synonymous with professional athletes and he served as the head of strength program in West Virginia University and the University of Michigan. Contrary to other fitness reality shows that pit contestants against each other through challenges and obstacles, this show focuses on building power and solid strength. You might pick up some pointers to incorporate in your workout routine. Tune in to find out which your favorite athlete taking up the challenge.

Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge 


Tune in to CMT to watch the winner of skillbuster challenge take home $10,000. This show is set up in a ranch similar to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull ranch. The contestants have to go through some intense physical challenges like hand combat in trench filled with water. The show is hosted Steve Austin the former WWE Superstar.

Other show that might pique your fitness interest include NBC’s Strong, Netflix Ultimate Beastmaster and Sweat Inc. airing on SPIKE.

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