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Fit For Challenge: 5 Extreme Fitness Challenges

Are you already strong and in great shape? Do you crush every exercise in weight room? It’s apparent to you and everyone else that you are in top physical shape. Finding workout routines that are challenging enough to improve your fitness level at this point might be a challenge. We have searched for some of the toughest fitness challenges designed by elite conditioning and strength experts to push to the limit.



CrossFit impressive portfolio which includes strength and conditioning program for some elite and professional athletes, military special operations unit, police academies and tactical operations teams. If you are already fit CrossFit is just what you need to reach the fit elite status. If you can Picture yourself climbing ropes, hoisting yourself on mounted gymnastic rings and pushing unbelievably big tires across the parking lot find a CrossFit near you. Alternatively go on CrossFit website and try out CrossFit WOD-workout of the day.

Tabata training


If you are just finding out about this, you need to incorporate Tabata training in your daily workout routine. Tabata challenges both aerobic and anaerobic systems. Most advanced users burn carbohydrates during an intense workout session but with Tabata training you will be burning fat. Start by an all-out effort 20 seconds of extremely high intense workout followed by 10 seconds. A fully effective Tabata training routine is 4 minutes. 



P90X fitness routine is a combination of interval training, strength training, martial arts and yoga. These exercises are designed to incorporate various exercise styles and move which help boost the levels of results expected. Dubbed extreme home fitness, P90X is a 90 day program delivered on DVD by Tony Horton. Tony Horton is a master trainer and a fitness personality. All you need is the discipline to turn on your DVD daily for a powerful sweat session.

TRX suspension training


How hard can it be to workout with two nylon straps? Harmless, right? Using a TRX takes bodyweight resistance training to another level. You need coordination and incredible balancing skills to use this basic tool let alone complete any recommended TRX workout exercises. TRX suspension training is a great way to take your workout to the advanced level you crave whether is at home or at the gym.

Tough mudder


The name perfectly fits the challenge and its 10 mile obstacle course can easily win “the planet’s toughest event “award. The obstacle features course features crazy challenges designed by the British Special Forces. If you are unmotivated by running marathon or triathlon maybe it’s time to challenge your endurance by running through ten thousand volts of electricity, underground mud tunnels and going over 12 feet walls. Just be ready to sign a death waiver before participating in the race. As tough as Tough Mudder sounds, every year top fitness pros go to challenge.

If you are ready to break from your normal routine try out a new fitness challenge every month. Ultra-tough workouts test your mental strength, assess your athletic ability and enhance muscular and cardiovascular endurance.  Good luck.

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