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Easy Ways to Get Your Workout On While On Vacation

To most of us keeping a fitness routine at home is hard even with the unlimited access to workout clothes and equipment, how about staying on track when on vacation. Any break from work or school is a chance to travel and enjoy the much needed vacation. A change in your daily schedule is sure to throw you off your fitness routine. Easy access to junk food, the laid-back weather and the fact that is vacation time makes it so easy for you to gain an extra 5 pounds. Whether you are vacationing in a tropical resort or you are taking off across the country for a business meeting, here are some of ways you can sneak in a workout session without disrupting the much needed vacation.

Pack like a fitness pro

Packing strategically rather than normal can motivate you to stay on track. Replace a pair of your dress shoes or sandals with a pair of running shoes. A heart rate monitor, resistance band and a jump are the most efficient workout tools to bring on vacation. These three items actually take up less room in your suitcase as compared to a hair dryer. This items will be a constant reminder that you need to work out every time you open up your suitcase.

Book for fitness

When picking hotel, choose hotels with fitness centers or those hotels that offer guest passes to gyms nearby. Some hotels offer fitness classes and walking programs. If you enjoy a morning jog, check out parks near your hotel with jogging trails. If your hotel doesn’t have a fitness center, you can turn your room into one. Fit a quick 10 minute workout with heart rate monitor, resistant bands and jump rope. 

Take Some Steps

Maximize your daily steps count walking to restaurants and opting for stairs. Enjoy leisurely evening walks to and from nearby restaurants. Other than staying fit, there are several health benefits you can get from walking after a meal. Avoiding the elevator and take stairs to burn those extra calories. Always remember to carry your shoes while going for sight-seeing. You’re sure to enjoy magnificent scenery on foot.

Have fun with the kids

Sunbathe and relax a little but don’t forget to squeeze in some calorie-burning play time with the kids. Shoot some hoops, go bike riding or even play a game or two of Marco Polo in the pool. Chances are you’re going to have as much fun as the kids while creating unforgettable memories. Don’t forget to pick up some sea shells by the shore!

Take advantage of the airline terminal

As crazy as turning the airline terminal into a walking track, it’s a great way to keep you occupied enough not to wander into the airport’s pizza stand. Put on your favorite workout music and march up and down the terminal. This may not count as full-blown workout but the steps do count/ every steps counts. You can easily burn up to 100 calories with just a few minutes of brisk walking.

Vacation doesn’t have to be a full hiatus from your daily workout routine. Use these tips to stay healthy and fit.

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