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The Best Fitness Boot Camp Vacations

With the continued success of The Biggest Loser franchise, a new wave boot camp vacation programs has emerged. Cut off all the daily distraction and kick start your weight loss, improve your cardiovascular health and build core strength. The idea itself might seem a little counter-intuitive, aren’t we supposed to rest and relax on vacations. Push your boundaries by combining both indoor and outdoor training. By partnering with celebrity trainers these fitness resorts now provided specialty themed weeks, individualized diet, reviving spa treatments, wellness consultations and fitness plans. So whether you want to start a new and healthier lifestyle or you are a fitness fanatic looking for new ways to workout pack your bags and head to one of these resorts for a week or two.

The Body Holiday


The Body Holiday is an all-inclusive Caribbean resort located at St Lucia. For guests with enough drive, the resort offers every land and water based activities. Water based activities include stand-up paddle boarding, waterskiing, snorkeling and wakeboarding while land based activities include spinning, golf, yoga and Pilates. Get to train with Olympic athletes at the newly added quadrathon course. Challenge your fitness level by trying out extreme fitness activities like, sea kayaking, rappelling, hiking and mountain biking. Soothe your sore muscles with fragrant treatments at their award winning spa. If you are looking to develop and follow a more spiritual lifestyle, experience part of the resorts Body Science program by  enrolling for holistic Ayurveda treatment. 

A day at The Body Holiday involves a morning aerobics, beach boot class at 7 am, an intense four mile run, windsurfing in the afternoon and Ashtanga yoga in the evening. Plan a trip this March or November to fully experience WellFit retreats.

The Ranch at Live Oak


Located in Malibu, California, the ranch at live oak week long program appeals to the fitness junkies in search of intense approach to fitness. The week long program focuses on sustainable exercises. The exercises are scheduled to include a maximum of 5 hours daily hikes in the Mountains and afternoon fitness classes that incorporate core, abdominal work, weights and yoga. These exercises are designed to help participants detoxify, gain physical endurance, lose weight and learn how to maintain their weight. The accommodations provided are luxurious and the meal plan include organic and vegetarian cuisines. Ease your muscle ache with an afternoon massage.

Rancho La Puerta


Located in Tecate, Mexico, the resort is a 3000 acre of meadows, gardens and mountains. Learn sustainable muscle building and nutritional eating through the programs provided at the resort. The programs a meant to balance your body mind and spirit. There are a variety of activities to help you exercise, this activities range from meditation, art, cooking, African dance, bird walk, high intensity interval training, cardio drumming, hula hooping, tennis clinic and Feldenkrais. The resort’s famous weight loss diet dubbed “Mexo-Mediterrenean Diet” is majorly based on whole and plant foods and fully excludes processed foods. Eating the recommended servings while exercising in moderation is sure to provide required results. In order to lose fat and not your muscles calories need to be reduced moderately. 

It may take all your will power to make this magical destinations a boot camp but the results are worth the challenge.

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