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2017 Biggest Fitness Trends

If you are tired of lifting weights or doing squats at the gym say no more. If 2017 gets away with it you will be easily obsessed with competitive rowing or virtual boxing in no time. It’s about time for you to try out these intense, exhilarating and unusual health and fitness trends.

Virtual boxing

In 2016, the actual competition was for punch bags and mitts. Boxing has officially gone digital in 2017. Experience virtual boxing through The Boxx Method which is an online workout program. The Box Method is the world’s first virtual boxing platform. The workout program consists of a series of half an hour workout videos with choreographed sequences. Each sequence runs through five shadowboxing rounds and high intensity intervals and finally a knock out round. There is no excuse to miss a workout schedule because these exercises and be done easily in the comfort of your home. Both the monthly and annual subscriptions gives you access to The Boxx Method online library. Virtual boxing improves your co-ordination, speed and strength.

Floating yoga

LA’s fascination with mash-up workouts is a fitness gift that keeps on giving. These mash-up workouts involve performance of regular workout routines on boards. Try out In-Trinity whittles workouts which involves a sequence gentle martial arts moves, Pilates and yoga stretches executed on an in-trinity board which is a slating elevated board in the fitness studio. Sandbox is another trend that involves the execution of reps of squats and lunges while balancing on a surfboard. The surfboard normally balances in a sandbox. In the UK, try out Sup Yoga London which is a sedate version of floating yoga class. Sup Yoga London uses the dynamic stretches on the board, the board floats on London’s Paddington Basin.

Boutique rowing

Boutique rowing burns up three times more calories than an intense spinning session. For those who have watched a competitive boat race you have an idea of how thrilling and heart pumping it feels to just watch from the sideline. Metabolic London a training studio that opened in May. With its opening, the studio introduced the first boutique group rowing class in London. The 45 minutes boutique rowing class is tailored to offer low impact full body cardio interval workout which is additionally mixed with strength and conditioning drills.  

Hotpod stretching

Hotpod launched a year-long package in January. The package include 160 intense workout classes. The Year-long routine was more of quick fix in line to New Year fitness resolutions. Hotpod yoga and stretching classes is a unique experience in a portable, inflatable cocoons that actually look like pods. These yoga classes are available in 13 fixed location around UK. The pods vacuum pack away makes it easy for a pod to pop up at your offices or in a festival field.

Hardcore parkour

If you are obsessed with indoor climbing and you’ve reached your pick it time to head outdoors. Follow Katie McDonnell, UK’s Ninja Warrior Finalist by Jumping off rails and scale walls. Olympics officials are actually recognizing parkour as an official sport.

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