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9 Foods to Power up Your Workout

We all want to get stronger, leaner and sexier but sometimes you leave the gym so sore and in pain. To keep up constant fitness schedule it’s important to recover in less time. Try out these pre and post workout healthy snacks to recover in no time.


If sports drinks are too sweet for your tastes, taking a banana with you for a ride or a run is a great alternative. Consume a banana every 15 minutes during hour long workouts. Bananas contain vitamin B6 which ensures you are energized throughout the exercise, easy to digest carbs and potassium which prevent muscle cramps. All the sugar in a banana is natural.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away. In addition to its health benefits, apples contain quercetin. This substance improves energy metabolism which increases endurance. There is nothing better than your favorite snack helping you to go for long runs.

Leafy greens


Salads are not only good for keeping your weight in check. Eating leafy greens before strenuous exercise reduces post workout muscle damage. Leafy greens are packed with a variety of nutrients like vitamin E and beta carotene. These nutrients cleans out toxins from muscles which speed up repair. Stock up on any leafy greens like watercress and kale. Add a splash of olive oil to enhance the absorption of vitamin E, beta carotene and other nutrients. For better results consider long term use.

Greek yoghurt


Most people eat protein after an intense workout session to jumpstart muscle recovery. Have considered trying out a protein rich snack the night before hitting the gym. Consuming protein pre workout improves protein synthesis significantly. This helps in repairing, building and strengthening lean muscles. Greek yoghurt is packed with twice the amount of protein in regular yoghurt. Try out a few scoop or two tonight.



Sore muscles after an intense workout session feels rewarding but intense muscle aches after working out just hurts. Consuming raw root or a half a teaspoon of ginger is sure to reduce next day muscle soreness. If you are preparing chicken or pork and some ground ginger in the marmalade or add slices of fresh ginger in your tea. Taking ginger for pain is more effective that taking NSAIDs. Ginger contains shogaol, zingerone and gingerol which are pungent-relieving chemicals.

Tart cherry juice


Inflammation of your muscle causes pain and swelling which will hinder your performance in the next workout session. Cherries are rich in flavanoids and anthyocyanins which are polyphenolic compounds that decrease inflammation. Most athletes confess to taking cherry concentrate pre-strength training workout hasten muscle recovery. Forget the regular glass of orange juice in the morning it’s time to enjoy the benefits of tart cherry juice.

Tomato juice


A glass of virgin bloody Mary before a spin class will reduce free radical damage. Tomato contains lycopene which is an antioxidant. The antioxidants soaks up tissue damaging compounds leaving you feeling good and ready for another intense cycling class.

Beets and raisins



Smoke your competition at the next 4K by chewing some raisins and/or smoke some beet. Beets contain natural occurring nitrates which increase oxygen supply to the muscles reducing fatigue. Raisins loads your body with carbs increases energy and revives your level of blood sugar.

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