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Fun Workout Classes You Should Try

Going to the gym or jogging daily may feel like a chore sometimes. Trying out the same old workout classes can be boring and un-motivating. Thankfully there are fresh and extremely fun workout classes for you to try. These classes are not only a breath of new life into you usual gym routine but also a way to keep you fit all year round. Make sure to try one or all of these classes.



Are you still doing the same old yoga routine? Shake it up by trying out SurfSET. The actual yoga might have been designed for water but it’s as comfortable indoors if not more challenging. The yoga board balances on three stability balls. To balance on the unstable board your body works on major muscle allowing you to get that envious leaner look. Other than yoga classes, tryout cardio and muscle building classes or incorporate all the three classes.

Cycling karaoke


Try out a normal spin class can be intimidating but this class will allow to goof off as you shed off those extra pounds. Bring your vocal along to enjoy physical benefits of spinning. The spinning instructor prepares a fun playlist and passes the microphone around the class so that everyone can show off their vocal skills while cycling. Spinning provides a full body workout and improves your body posture.

Awaken Your Force


Are you a huge Star Wars fan? If you haven’t tried this workout class you are missing out on all the fun. The class is done by lightabers and the 45 minute cardio, martial arts and strength training will leave you feeling like a Jedi.



Bouncing on a trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to an intense 30 minutes jogging session. Skyrobics is a low impact workout routine that combines strength building aerobics, advanced calisthenics and core exercises. Bouncing enhances flexibility, balance, agility, timing , overall coordination, reaction speed and spatial awareness. Rebounding strengthens your muscles and cleans out toxins facilitating the circulation of nutrients.  



Enjoy benefits are similar to Skyrobics by incorporating trampoline in your workout. A TrampoLean workout session take 50 minutes and the exercises focus on different parts of your body. The routine involves planks, jump squats and jump lunges on a trampoline. This class will get your heart pumping like never before.

Barre classes


This workout classes are created by Lotte Berk. As a ballerina with a back injury, Lotte Berk came up with a form of exercise that combines dance conditioning with rehabilitative therapy.  Toning is done in micro up and down movements, these movement target core, butt and legs. This class will help you sculpture your body to look like a dancer’s body. Barre classes last for an hour and incorporates the use of props like hand weights and exercise balls in upper body workout routines.



Twerk class? Why not? This workout class will actually teach you how to twerk, forget the embarrassing amateur tryouts in front of the mirror. Join Flirty Girl fitness to experience the benefits of their booty toning work out session. Get those twerking skills and thrust your body to get that amazing body.

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