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Gym bag essentials for beginners

Plans to work out or stay fit might have been on your mind and you have probably enrolled in one of your local gym. You are probably wondering what else you need to achieve your fitness goals. Heard of the saying; there is no such thing as bad weather, but only the fact that you forgot an umbrella. Being prepared is key to achieving your fitness goals. Keeping your gym bag packed and ready can keep your spirits high and ready to head out of the door for a workout and motivate you. So it’s time for you to pay close attention to what you really need and make sure you’re always prepared, no matter the weather!

Quality workout gear

Training clothes determine how productive your workout will be. There is nothing more frustrating than unpacking your gym only to find you have forgotten your gym clothes. Always remember to pack well-fitting and breathable clothes. Don’t waste so much time worring about your gym attire, its important for you to understand fit over fashion. Your tight pants may look great on a treadmill but problematic when it’s time to hit those low squats. Remember to park headbands and hair ties to keep your hair pulled back for you to focus on the workout.


Having a watch is great in timing your workout and the rest between workouts. A watch cuts out the struggle of peering at the gym clock every other minute. I would recommend a digital watch as with a quick glance you get all the important digits. Keeping close eye on rest between sets can make a great difference in your fitness goals. 

Heart rate monitor

A quality heart rate monitor will help you keep real-time tab on your fitness progress. Use your heart rate monitor during lifting and cardio session to monitor your heartbeat and ensure you stay within the desired zone. If your primary goal is fat loss, get heart rate monitor that gives an estimation of total calories burned within a session.

A workout log

A workout log is essential in tracking your fitness progress. Record your reps, sets weights and the rest times on your work out journal. Try to establish and maintain an upward trajectory with weights you lift and the amount of reps each month. A workout log is essential tool to ensure consistency when you are trying to achieve your fitness goals. Always remember to track every gym session.

Water bottle

You are probably wondering why even tote a water bottle when your gym as a water fountain. A water bottle is essential for two reasons, aside from the risk of drinking contaminated water you also risk losing your station every time you walk over to the water fountain for a drink. Secondly you’re sure to swallow a few gulps of air when trying to drink from the fountain, this might bloat your stomach. A belly full of air during an intense lifts or sets of squats can be uncomfortable/ cause discomfort. 

Music and headphones

If you find music motivating bring some of your favorite tunes for your workouts. It’s important to keep your phone away and instead bring an mp3 player. Phone can be incredibly distracting, put your phone ringer on silent or nix the music and leave your phone to resist temptations.

Your gym bag essentials determines the size of gym bag to buy. Invest in a water-resistant bag compact enough to fit in a standard gym locker. A well-edited gym bag lightens your load and holds your extras.

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