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Top Celebrity Fitness Trainers In The US

We all know celebrities are always trying to get in shape for a movie role or stay in shape for red carpet events. Gaining weight is a big problem considering it affects your health and destroys your body shape. 

Trying to lose weight by yourself can leave you confused and lost. A good fitness trainer is sure to help you transform your body. A fitness trainer guides you on the right way to lose weight and constantly motivates you to achieve your body goals while helping you to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you are wondering how some celebrities transformed their bods, take a look at top 5 celebrity trainers in US based on their experience and efficiency.

Gunnar Peterson


Gunnar Peterson a duke university educated trainer easily referred to as the most sought after personal fitness trainer in the US. His witty and charismatic personality has helped him win over a variety of clients ranging from movie stars to professional athletes. He majorly focuses on long term results through a six day intense functional cardio and weight training every week and a day off. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Gunner Peterson is best known for training Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez achieve their envious bods through The Bottom Line, his exercise invention and a special corresponding diet.

Most recently, Khloe Kardashian credits Gunnar Peterson for a titanium killer figure.

Jillian Michaels


Gillian Michaels is a certified personal fitness trainer and a one of the leading global health and wellness expert. She is also a New York Times best-selling author, television personality and a nutrition and wellness consultant. Jillian is best known for her appearance on Losing it with Jillian and The Doctors and The Biggest Loser television shows. In 2012 Jillian Michaels was names as one of the Most Beautiful People by People Magazine.

Louis Jude Ferrigno


Commonly known as Lou Ferrigno, is a retired professional body builder, American actor, motivational speaker, fitness trainer and consultant. As a body builder Lou Ferrigno won several titles including IFBB Mr. America title and IFBB Mr. Universe title for two consecutive times. As an American actor, Ferrigno was featured in CBS television hit series, The Incredible Hulk, he appeared in several sitcoms, films and voice-overs in cartoons. Ferrigno has been features in countless fitness articles and he has appeared on several magazine covers over his career. Lou Ferrigno was a personal fitness trainer for the late Michael Jackson.

Harley Pasternack


Harley Pasternack is a Canadian-born fitness trainer base in LA. He has a Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and once worked a nutrition scientist for Canada Department of Finance. Pasternack is a personal fitness trainer for Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Halley Berry, just to name a few. He creates intense cardio heavy workouts. 

Tracey Anderson


Tracey Anderson is the creator of the Tracey Anderson Method, which involves Pilates, band workouts, lifting to tone and dance-cardio. She also invented an exercise machine called the Hybrid Body Reformer, she has also introduced new stretches and exercise moves. Tracey Anderson is a personal trainer for Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. Anderson is a firm believer in in age-defying exercise, there is no excuse not to have great body at 50!

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