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Top 3 Weight Loss Camps In The US

The traditional exercise and diet program sometimes don’t work and you might need to take some extreme measures to achieve weight loss. Weight loss camps have become increasingly popular options, considering the alarmingly high obesity statistics in the US. If you’ve had diet fail or your current fitness routine is not practical for your long term fitness goals, it’s time for you to try a weight loss camp. 

Weight loss camps vary spa-like experiences to no nonsense clinics. Most weight loss camps shun unrealistic and impractical diets and encourage healthy living. Sorting a suitable weight loss camp can be a challenge, here is a guide on weight loss camps that will help you. 

The Biggest Loser Resort


Also featured on The Biggest Loser, a hit fitness reality show the resort definitely precedes itself. The Biggest Loser Resorts provided the same weight loss and health techniques used on the show. The show provides an opportunity for ordinary individuals to completely transform their bodies into tone, athletic and healthy physiques. At the resort, trainers blend in the powerful transformation techniques used on the show with a more relaxing spa environment. The program involves guided scenic hike, cardio, water aerobics and core strength training just to name a few. Prepare yourself to achieve your fitness goal with a healthy balance of fun and workout routines.

Green Mountain at Fox Run


Located in Fox Run, Vermont Green Mountain is the only residential weight loss and fitness camp in the US tailored solely to cater for women.  The resort is fully staffed with highly knowledgeable professional that understand the unique challenges of weight loss especially for women. Weight loss is affected by hormones and other health conditions that affect women either exclusively or predominately. Weight loss technique that work for men might not necessarily work for women because men generally achieve weight loss easily. Green Mountain will provide a safe and encouraging environment for you as a woman to focus on your individual weight loss journey in a judgement free space.

Camp Shane


Camp Shane offers its weight loss camps in the following seven states; Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia, California and New York. Camp Shane has provided weight loss camps for over four decades. Through camp Shane word class weight loss youth programs hundreds of children and youth have been able to achieve healthy weight loss. Other than being featured on TLC, MSNBC, Dr. Phil Show and Oprah, Camp Shane has received numerous accolades for its consistent success and family based approach. All camps are medically supervised and the program only include healthy exercises, cognitive behavioral and nutrition therapy. The camps are offered in three demographics young women ages 18-25, girls from ages 7-17 and boys from ages 7-19. Camp Shane also provides a fitness package for adults at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts located in Catskill Mountains, New York. The adult’s fitness package features an integrated routine of exercise nutrition and wellness for a period of 1-10 weeks.

There are different types and option of weight loss camp available. Whichever your needs and preferences one of the weight loss camps listed above is sure to help you through your fitness journey.

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