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Stay Fit and Healthy In Your 50s

Whether you are a couch potato or a marathon addict, getting and staying fit in middle age is a challenge. You back is trying to pull new tricks and the knees creak worse than loose floorboards. 

Many people, especially women find that the lifestyle that worked in the 20s and 30s doesn’t achieve the same results once you get to your 40s and 50s. Adding some extra pound in middle age is quite common because of accumulation of fat, a decrease in muscle mass and a lower metabolism rate. The over 40 fitness and health goals is to consume heart healthy foods, maintain weight and stay strong. Here are some tips to help you stay in fabulous shape.

Tip #1

Before starting any workout routine make an appointment to see your physician. This is important because a physician will also offer some safety guidelines for you to adhere to. A physician will also examine you to make sure that there no health conditions that can hinder you from exercising or make working out unsafe.

Tip #2

Warm up a few minutes before starting any exercise routine. Your warm up routine should include only activities that can be done at a slower pace. If you are going out for a jog, start of your exercise by walking for a few minutes. A warm up routine will prepare your body by stimulating blood flow and increasing your body temperature.

Tip #3

Always remember to stretch after your warm up routine. Try out upper body stretches, neck stretches and hamstring stretches. Fully stretch your muscles to the point of tension and hold for a few seconds. To build and maintain flexibility perform these stretching exercises at least twice every week.  Stretching and flexibility exercises improve posture, increases your body’s range of motion and prevents you from getting injuries.


Incorporate cardio exercises in your weekly fitness routine. Your full cardio exercise should be at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity. Some of cardio exercises that you can try are swimming, jogging and swimming. If you are starting out don’t try the full on 30 minutes routine, start with a 5-10 minutes workout and build up to 30 minutes.  

Tip #5

Other than cardio exercises, incorporate strength training in your exercises. Remember to schedule your strength training sessions with an interval 48 hours between sessions. Focus on major muscle groups with 8-10 exercises.

Tip #6

A healthy diet is important to stay fit. Ensure you are consuming enough calcium and your levels of vitamin D are healthy enough. Calcium and vitamin D reduces the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures which are heightened by aging. Cut back on your salt consumption. As you grow older your blood vessels become less elastic which increases the risk of developing hypertension. High blood pressure could increase your chances of suffering from kidney and heart diseases.

There is increasingly new group of stunning fit men and superbly toned women on TV and social media. These people are totally redefining the common expectation of the midlife body. The above tips may just be able to help you to hit that pause button on the aging clock.

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