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No Equipment Home Workout Routines

The last thing you want to do on a snowy or rainy day is head do the gym. Skipping workouts especially if you have made fitness resolutions isn’t going to help you achieve your fitness goals. Most of us cannot afford all fancy equipment used at the gym. Things can be rather confusing while working at home especially if you are new to fitness. Since staying fit is important here are some of easy home exercises that are effective and don’t require any gym equipment:

Walking or running

No elliptical or treadmill is needed for this exercise, you only need a pair of comfortable running shoes. In case the weather outside is unfavorable for running you can also enjoy a simple but effective workout at home by walking up and down a flight of stairs or jogging in place. Walking or running helps you to tone up your legs while benefiting from a low impact aerobics exercise. You can alternate walking up and down the stairs by walking a few times from room to room around the house. Jogging exercises are good for heart. To make jogging more fun turn up you music system or leave your favorite tv channel on. To eliminate stress on your legs put on a pair of your running shoes.

Push ups

Push-ups is a great exercise for your shoulders, chest, triceps and core. Push-ups is an excellent exercise for muscle building, so try a few every day. Most people can’t do a push up or sometimes find it hard to support their weight. Don’t worry because it there are easier ways to do push-ups. Modify your movement by bending your knees slightly while you still remain on the floor or you can do push-ups against a wall while standing up.


Doing squats is great for your legs and buttocks. Always squat as low as possible and ensure all the weight remains on your heel throughout the entire exercise. For beginners you can try squats by periodically sitting and standing up any regular chair like a dinning chair. The more squats you do the more benefits for your body. Progress to difficult versions of squats overtime to achieve even better results.


Crunches is a great exercise for toning and strengthening abdominal muscles. You don’t have to get your head all the way up. Lifting your back completely off the floor may cause strain your back causing muscle or tissue injury. Control your movement by contract your abs and exhale when getting off the floor and ease slowly back on the floor while inhaling. Begin with a single set of 10 crunches and add more sets as become comfortable.

Leg lifts

Leg lifts is a great leg exercise to tone your legs. This exercise also help build up muscles in your legs.  If it is a challenge to exercise with your legs straight modify your movements by bending your legs slightly.

Once you are comfortable doing each exercise, create a routine by completing all the exercises back to back with a 20 second rest between each exercise. A regular routine will make you fit and stronger. Remember to always warm up before exercising by performing a couple of each exercise to activate your muscles for the workout and to get your heart rate up.  

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