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Myths About Weightlifting

Coming by conflicting information about weightlifting at the gym is as easy as spotting tank tops and faux tans. Now a days everyone thinks they qualify as fitness trainers that said, it’s very hard to separate fact from fiction. Looking around the weight room it’s hard to spot women, men usually take up almost the entire room. 

We are condition to believe that only men can pump weight while women only enjoy a jog or yoga sessions. This is a dangerous stereotype.  Women can enjoy serious fitness benefits from regularly lifting weights. Let’s start debunking the myths so that you are well informed next time head to your gym’s weight rack.

Muscles turn into fat

Muscles and fat are two totally tissues and some serious magic would have had to happen for your muscles to turn into fat after you stop lifting. Muscles can never turn into fat and fat never turns into muscle but that doesn’t there is no relationship. Muscles will help you burn fat. You burn a few calories per day if you lose some muscle mass. If you stop exercising and maintain your regular calorie intake, the excess food energy is stored as fat.

Weightlifting makes you bulky

The fear of suddenly growing large amounts of muscle is one of the major concerns stopping women from trying out weightlifting fitness programs. You muscle will only grow tor normal and healthy level that enhances your metabolism unless drastically increase your daily calorie intake. Sprouting big muscles is not as easy as the myths have lead you to believe. Building muscles without burning fat or monitoring your diet usually results to the bulk look. The truth is you are sure to achieve a leaner physique by lifting weights and sticking to proper nutrition.

Work on a single muscle group everyday

If you have been to the gym a few times, you probably dropped in on a guy chatting about the day being his leg day or chest day in the locker room.  Unless you are a dedicated lifter or a body builder adopting to this schedule is highly unbeneficial for your fitness goals. Most fitness trainers recommend circuit training and high intensity interval training to help you build muscles, burn calories and increase aerobic capacity. Keep in mind you need recovery time which varies with each work out.

Lifting weights decreases flexibility

Contrary to the common assumption, weight lifting actually increases flexibility when done correctly. Resistant training is sure to improve you flexibility as well as static stretching. The trick is to lift while working through a range of motions. 

Cardio burns more fat that weightlifting

Most people think they need to first do cardio to drop weight before starting a weightlifting program. The muscle tissue is the most metabolically active tissue in your body. Weightlifting actually increases the base of the amount of calories you burn in a day. The more muscles you have the more calories you burn so if you want that hot body in a hurry check hurry to the weight room.

Don’t let any of the above myth or any other bogus rumors stop you from achieving that toned and fit body. Including weight lifting in your fitness routine for that healthy appearance.

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